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Designed for Professionals

Designed for Professionals

MoneyMate is the fund performance and analysis solution, designed for a financial institution’s sales force and marketing professionals, contributing to higher sales closure rates and improved after sales service.

Easy Access

Time is money. MoneyMate enables subscribers to quickly access comprehensive fund information and analysis tools within an intranet or extranet environment.

Comprehensive Comparison

Performance and risk modules enable fund comparison against peer funds, bench marks and category averages for any given time period.

Local and Offshore Performance Reports

Select from local or overseas funds by selecting company, suppler, category or searching for the company you wish to view performance data for.




Available Modules

  • Fund details review
  • Daily and historical prices
  • Performance reports
  • Customised portfolios
  • Risk Analysis

Custom Data Evaluation

Users can evaluate data from any given date range from a single time period through to predefined time frames available in Custom Time Period.

Multiple Analysis Options

Analysis options can be selected from base fund performance, fund dividend selection, reinvest fund dividends, base currency and filter fund prices.

Chart Designer

Configuration of charts is available though Chart Designer, allowing for total flexibility, including selection of customised benchmarks, creation of tools and model portfolios.

Portfolio Creation

Create full model simulations of portfolios, including portfolio commentary and manual insertion of fund weightings

MoneyMate Interactive

MoneyMate Interactive is a web-based solution that allows subscribers to access both local and international Unit Trust data, which is updated  automatically on a daily basis.


MoneyMate Desktop

MoneyMate Desktop is an  affordable application that allows subscribers to  access both local and international Unit Trust data, via a manual download.